How to Optimize your Health Post Accident

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How to Optimize your Health Post Accident

Accidents happen! The reality is that over 100,000 accidents happen per year in Canada (Statistics Canada). At Pro Motion Clinic we offer direct billing to ICBC on your behalf for both Chiropractic care and Kinesiology. Did you know that you can have your kinesiology treatments 100% covered through ICBC, one less headache you have to worry about!

You may ask why would one need to see a Kinesiologist? Kinesiology is the study of human movement. Often (almost always), after an accident the bodies overall movement can be limited and painful. Our goal is to get the body moving like it did prior to accident and if we’re lucky helping that body to move even better. To do this, we create Individualized programs that are tailored to your injury. This can include stretching, strengthening, active and passive range of motion, injury prevention and performance improvement. Rehabilitation exercises are crucial to effective recovery and helps you to be ready to resume work or leisure activities. Passive care feels great in the moment however, long term you need to do both passive and active rehabilitation and that's where Kinesiology comes into play to ensure

Each and every accident is different with a variety of factors that can affect the severity of the injury. The type of accident, speed one was going, if you were the driver or passenger, if the airbags went off, etc all play a role in the injury.

The most common accident we see is the rear ender. Often the injuries present themselves as whiplash from the head being jolted forward and backward in a rapid speed. This often causes neck, spine, shoulder, and chest pain. Side accidents often known as a T-bone, presents itself more commonly in the lower extremities, chest, neck, abdomen and pelvis. While,Head on collision if wearing a seatbelt often the injuries refer into the chest and lower limbs and of course the neck and spine.


At the end of the day no matter the type of accident it is a trauma the body wasn’t expecting to take that day. We look to treat your injuries no matter the severity of the accident. Every accident is unique and will need a specific treatment plan that is tailored to getting you back to where you were prior to the accident. The road to recovery can be long, however with a great team behind you I assure you that we can help in decreasing the time in pain.

How can active rehab sessions enhance your overall recovery:

  • Full body assessment and ROM testing

  • Mobility - keep your muscles from tightening and shortening

  • Rehab exercises - help decrease the chance of losing muscle mass, increase muscular strength

  • Reduce your pain - who doesn’t want to reduce pain!

  • Increase strength and function

  • Individualized programs - specific to your injuries and needs

  • Guidance, motivation, support and accountability

  • Help you return to your everyday life tasks and enjoyments

Speaking from experience, I know that an accident can have a very negative affect to your overall wellbeing. I am here to help you not only get through your physical pain but to get you back to enjoying the awesome lives we all create outside of the clinic space.

If you have been in an accident and are looking to get yourself back in action contact the clinic! You body is your most valuable possession, take care of it!

Commonly asked questions:

When should you start seeing a Kinesiologist after being in car accident?

  • This will depend on your injuries, when in doubt check with your doctor. However, the earlier you start the active component of your rehab the quicker you will recover.

How often should I attend?

  • This will depend on your individualized program. Commonly you would see a kinesiologist 2-3 times a week.

Program length?

  • Depending on the severity of your injuries will determine how long you need to see your kinesiologist.

Do I have to pay?

  • No! If you have an ICBC claim they will cover 100% of each regular session and we take care of the billing side of things so you can just worry about getting back to being yourself!

To learn more about how Kinesiology can help get the results you’re looking for contact Jessie!


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