6 At Home Tricks to Cure Your Cold

6 At Home Tricks to Cure Your Cold


You feel that tickle in your throat, you’re sneezing non-stop, and you can’t wait to get home to take a nap. Sounds like you’re catching a cold. Not good. 

When you get a cold all you want to do is get better but you don’t want to leave the house. You need simple things you can do at home that will help you out with minimal effort. Lucky for you there are a number of cold-busting tricks you can do at home. 

Steam Inhalation

This is one of my favourites for fighting colds. It’s great for nasal congestion, sinus pain, and pesky coughs. Steam alone works well for dry coughs, but you can boost the bacteria fighting properties by adding eucalyptus. 

How to: fill a bowl with boiling water - make sure it’s somewhere stable - add 2-3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the bowl. Put a towel over your head and the bowl. Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Alternate breathing through your nose and mouth to help both nasal congestion and coughing.


Acupressure is a technique that applies pressure instead of needles to acupuncture points. It is a great at-home technique for all sorts of ailments. Colds often come with sinus congestion and pain. Applying pressure to select points on the face can help to encourage sinus drainage which will alleviate pressure and pain.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 11.47.16 AM.png

How to: apply pressure with the pads of your thumbs/fingers to each of the points above for 1-2min at a time. A great way to do it is sitting at a table with your elbows resting on it - use the weight of your head against your thumbs/fingers to create the pressure. 



Honey-Lemon-Ginger Tea 

If you have some honey in the cupboard and lemon and ginger in the fridge you’re in luck. All of these things are bacteria killing. They are also very soothing. This tea is a dual acting superhero - infection fighting and sore throat soothing. If you want to up the antimicrobial ante add some cayenne 

How to: to a mug of warm water add a teaspoon of unpasteurized honey, a couple slices of lemon, thinly sliced ginger and a sprinkle of cayenne. Stir it up and sip away.  


Honey-Onion Cough Syrup

Yes, you read that right - onion cough syrup. It sounds gross, it tastes a little less gross, and it works. It has only two ingredients and is quick and easy to make. Honey is effective at soothing sore throats, decreasing coughs, and killing bacteria. Onions fight infections too. They also decrease inflammation and loosen mucus.  

How to: to a small pot add ½ cup unpasteurized honey and ½ cup diced onion (red or white). Heat the pot over low until the honey has become more liquid and the onion has softened (20-30min). Strain the onions and store the remaining honey in a glass jar in the fridge. Take 1-2 tsp as needed - great before bed if you’re coughing at night.  


Contrast Showers

You’re probably not going to like this one. I’m going to tell you to have a cold shower. But bare with me. Contrast showers - as they sound, switching between hot and cold water - increase blood flow, promote detoxification, and most importantly boost the immune system. 

How to: start by showering like normal, once you’ve washed all the dirt away get ready for the contrasting. From hot you are going to move to cold (as cold as you can stand). You want to cycle between hot and cold three times. The hot phase should be twice the length of the cold phase. The bigger the contrast between the hot and the cold the bigger the effect. Make sure you always end on cold. 

Fluids & Sleep 

This is as simple as it gets. When your body is fighting an infection it needs extra fluids and extra sleep. 

How to: always have a drink by your side - water or tea or fresh juice are best. Sleep as much as you can - go to bed early, sleep in, take a nap. Simple, but critical. 


Tried all these things and it hasn’t made a difference? It’s time to seek additional professional advice. Book your naturopathic appointment.

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