Registered Massage Therapy

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What makes our Registered Massage Therapists different?

Their philosophy is based on the theory that pain is a symptom of something else going on in the body. This is usually coming from a movement pattern dysfunction that your body has created to compensate for weakness or pain. Typically these patterns arise from an injury, trauma, repetitive movement or sustained posture.

The body doesn’t like weakness so it pulls strength from anywhere it can to create stability. If the body does this for long enough, it can cause tissue damage leading to pain. This is effective but not efficient as it only leaves the body susceptible to future injury. The key to solving for pain is assessment.

Our therapist's treatments are assessment-focused, running you through functional movement screens, orthopaedic and muscle testing. Their goal is to correct any dysfunction with treatment and corrective exercises to get you back to peak health. They are passionate about creating change through effective treatments so you feel lasting results. 

Both of our therapists are trained in Neurokinetic Therapy. NKT is a specific and efficient tool which helps our therapists find what’s driving the dysfunction creating your pain or hindering your performance.