Chiropractic Care

Kelowna, B.C. Pro Motion Clinic - chiropractic, acupuncture, registered massage therapy (RMT), shockwave therapy, kinesiology - chiro, physio, personal training

Our chiropractors take a multidisciplinary approach to treat our patients. They also have an extensive knowledge of sports and sports-related injuries. This means that they’re uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat an athlete’s body without the use of drugs or invasive surgical procedures. Because chiropractic medicine is defined by its hands on approach to treatment and sport-specific knowledge that addresses acute, chronic and overuse injuries, it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to stay in the game.

Whether you're an avid athlete or weekend warrior, baby boomer or mom working hard to keep up with her little ones, chiropractic care will enhance your ability to do what matters most to you. By identifying the root cause of an injury or condition, our doctors effectively treat any issue. Our focus is taking you beyond corrective care, allowing you to access optimal health and new levels of performance. We don't want to treat you for the same issue over and over again - we want to see you grow, progress and thrive. 

Our doctors love treating patients who are motivated to participate in their journey to elevate and maintain their health. We're family-friendly and inclusive; whether we're helping children through their growth spurts and ever-changing developmental stages or supporting parents who're getting their bodies back in motion, we feel grateful to play a role in each family member's health. Ultimately, this treatment can benefit any and every body. Going beyond the confines of traditional chiropractic care, you can trust that when you choose our team of doctors, you're getting the best care out there.