Kinesiology and Clinical Personal Training


Kinesiology at Pro Motion Clinic is a new standard in personal training, marrying clinical rehab expertise with advanced corrective exercise prescription. Our purpose is simple – to provide an industry leading, clinically supervised approach to post-rehabilitative training as well as performance training.

We recognize a gap in educating individuals about their unique physiology and designing training programs that result in effective, goal-oriented exercise. Whether it’s regaining a level of function, getting back to a sport or activity, or moving into a new level of fitness – our team of experts will get you there.

Getting back to an activity, sport or general fitness regimen after an injury can be frustrating. Understanding where to begin, how quickly to progress and what has to be done to decrease the chances of re-injury is often unclear. There are often biomechanical and musculoskeletal issues that either led to the injury or develop as a result of the injury. Assessing and correcting these deficits is often missed in the traditional training program. These corrective measures must be reinforced in order to allow you to move in an optimal manner, instinctively. Once achieved, you can get back to a normal routine with confidence in your abilities.